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Industrial minerals

Still using Excel and similar tools to estimate your volumes? See how GEOREKA uses a streamlined workflow to interpolate samples and produce volume estimates dynamically.

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Geology and block modelling

GEOREKA specializes in subsurface modelling of mineral resources and geology. It complements design packages like LSS that excel at producing pit designs.

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Industrial Minerals customers

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GEOREKA takes drilling data like geochemistry and lithology information to produce (faulted) stratigraphic and block models. These can be used to obtain volumes for reporting and planning. The modelling package contains all the tools to create triangulated surfaces from points, polylines or directly from drilling data as well as block models constrained by geology, pit designs or bench levels.

Volume estimates

GEOREKA contains multiple interpolation techniques to estimate resources. Not only will the resource estimation provide quick volume estimates, they also provide estimated mean values. Various tools are available to constrain the block models, including by survey, pit design and by bench. These tools have primarily been developed for the industrial minerals industry and are one of the reasons GEOREKA as been adopted by various major quarrying companies. See for yourself why GEOREKA is considered great software for sand and gravel and cement by downloading a trial.

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Geology modelling

In addition to volume estimation, GEOREKA can model most geology from simple to complex. For example, stratigraphic layers can often be modelled directly from the data making geology modelling of stratigraphic layers relatively straightforward. Geology models can be combined with volume estimation to produce reliable volume and resource estimates within geological constraints. For an impression of more complex geology modelling check our fault modelling or modelling seams articles.