We are of the opinion that to understand your data it is fundamental to have a clear picture first. Our Envision package provides state-of-the-art 3D Visualization and interaction.

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No project is ever the same and each needs its own modelling approach.
GEOREKA’s unique modelling engine allows for full flexibility that lets you control the workflow that fits your project.

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Good software is not developed for users, but WITH users.
We put in great effort to engage with customers and therefore provide free technical support to all users.

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To remain at the forefront of technical development we are heavily involved with new research.
If you’re interested please read about some of our work.


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GEOREKA geological modelling software on computer

Value for money

Our goal is to provide geological modelling software that is affordable to all so each geologist can have their own copy, individual consultants and team members alike.
We do this by using existing (open-source) technologies and adapting them to the geological sciences. This allows us to stay on top of new developments and provide full modeling capabilities at a fraction of the costs of other packages.