Multi-element geological data clustering

Multi-element geological data clustering There has been some renewed discussion recently around the topic of domaining: the art of selecting which points should or should not be considered part of a domain.In this regard domaining can be considered a form of clustering. In this post we will explain a novel technique we have developed over [...]

Signed Distance Functions: beyond implicit modelling

Signed Distance Functions: beyond implicit modelling   For about two decades now, the industry has been using the term implicit modelling intertwined with the term Radial basis functions (RBFs). It has become the de facto standard and has given people an appreciation of the method compared to explicitly digitizing domains. In the mining industry the [...]

Machine Learning demystified

Machine Learning in geology explained, to better understand how it can be used as part of geological modelling.

3D Fault Model: an example

An example how a 3D faulted geological model can be created in GEOREKA.

Geological software to help visualizing mineralization trends

Ideas regarding visualization of trends in mineralization

How to edit a (given) grade shell or other surfaces?

A brief article explaining some of the tools to locally edit grade shells based on interpretation or newly available data.

Geological models using digital outcrops from photogrammetry

Geological models using digital outcrops from photogrammetry With the incredible explosion of drones on the market, more and more uses are starting to be developed. One of the more straight forward applications is creating a 3D capture of outcrops. Using photogrammetry techniques to reconstruct 3D geological models of the drone footage we can use accurate [...]

Stratigraphic Modelling

Modelling Stratigraphy with GEOREKA Software Stratigraphic modelling can often be done directly from the data, and creating a geological model from stratigraphic drillhole data is therefore relatively straightforward. But although modelling stratigraphy in most cases is straightforward, in some cases it isn't. If your project is fairly complex, contact us to demonstrate the more advanced [...]

Modelling narrow veins, dykes, seams or lenses

Structures like narrow veins, lenses, seams and dykes generally cannot be modelled directly from the drill data. For these more complex deposits manual selection of data provides a highly flexible and robust way to produce models. GEOREKA combines implicit techniques with manual editing to achieve the best results. In this example a simplified artificial data [...]