Workflows and data types

Powerful new modelling tools

  • Simplified, yet more powerful workflow to build faulted geological models (youtube link?, blog post)
  • New Build Geological Model item to build a single model in one go, instead of multiple domains
  • Use labels for categories in modelling workflows

New Imports

  • Structural data
  • Leapfrog Mesh files
  • Multi-textured OBJ’s
  • Improved DXF support

Global legends

category color legends shared between items with same attribute, e.g. drilling, geological models

Online Help

  • We have renewed and re-organized our help. To allow users to always access the latest help, all manuals are published on our website

Floating Licenses

We have spent a considerable time making license sharing simpler. To this end we now maintain an online database for licenses. This means users can easily check out a license from our database and to transfer to the database so another user can use that license. This makes Transferring a license a breeze.

Improved Licensing Management

New Pricing Scheme

  • Envision is now FREE for registered users. This means as long as people request an activation code they will get the Envision (GEOREKA Viewer) totally free
  • Modelling base price finally increased to $3500.- This reflects the strong modelling capabilities that have gone into it, but also due to our new license management system (see above)
  • Modelling with Point Clouds is $4000.-
  • License renewal price dropped to 30%
    To offset the new base price, for existing customers the renewal prices has dropped from 50% per year to 30%!
    This means renewing a modelling license is only $1050.- and is actually cheaper than before

Point cloud processing

  • Integrated with main workflows
  • Apply colours, thresholds, selection just like other data
  • Unique processing capabilities for underground surveys (tunnels, shafts, cavities)
  • Extract structural data from selections
  • Automated techniques to model tunnels / shaft walls, and filter objects inside them (e.g. pipes, trucks)

Research spin-offs