Volumetric modelling

Thinking in volumes

In GEOREKA, a lot of effort has been put towards volumetric modelling: each domain is a volume, not a boundary. This idea is the core of our Domain Based Modelling (DBM). It means that every domain is represented by an implicit function. A complete model is described by the relationship between the domain functions.

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Intuitive Machine Learning

Integration with Geological Modelling

Machine Learning contains a whole set of powerful tools. These can be used within 3D Geological Modelling just like implicit modelling was in the past. In GEOREKA, there is little distinction between ML techniques, implicit modelling or even more traditional methods. This makes integration of ML seamless and transparent.

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Beyond conventional

The core parts of GEOREKA are its high-end visualization and workflow based modelling engine. Workflows are flexible, versatile, repeatable and visible. Data-driven and transparent, it is easy to explain to third parties the work at each step in the workflow. Combined with latest developments in 3D rendering, advanced data handling of point clouds, insightful plots and more, GEOREKA is a versatile geological modelling software for mining, aggregates and mineral exploration. It continues to impress its users, even long-term clients.

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