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Geological software to help visualizing mineralization trends

First, optimize your work environment Before you start analyzing mineralization trends in geological software, you would be well off spending a little time creating an environment that will help you improve any visualization. That means creating a somewhat dark environment, without any glaring sunlight hitting your screen. If you look at the workspace for radiologists, […]

How to edit a (given) grade shell or other surfaces?

Grade shell Our efficient method for directly modifying a surface generally is difficult to use for a grade shell. It can be done, but requires some experience. We will explain this for planar structures below. For grade shells we prefer the creation of contour lines first and re-creating the grade shell from the contour lines. […]

Geological models using digital outcrops from photogrammetry

Drones are already heavily used in the industrial minerals industry where they are used to produce highly detailed DTM’s (digital terrain models) for measuring stockpiles and up-to-date mine surveys for planning. I believe photogrammetry can also be a real asset to any stage of an exploration project. It provides a lot more information than just […]

Stratigraphic Modelling

Topography The first step in most geological models is to define the topography. Generally, the topography is provided as a LIDAR scan, as a triangulated surface or other means. In some case however, there is no data present. In that case, the collar points can be used as done in this example. Overburden The next […]

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